Barry Bunny

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Barry bunny

Once upon a time there was a rabbit

He was a young rabbit so his name was Barry bunny.

He wants to school with Sarah spider and Robbie racoon

Well they were his best friends.


One day during Physical Education they were working hard

To complete their rotation and were concentrating on there work

Tammy tiger cub was jealous that those 3 were getting on so well and doing so well

So Tammy got up and pushed a bench on Barry’s foot.


Barry squealed really loudly. So the teacher Mr Pearson

Came rushing over “what happened “? Asked Mr Pearson.

There has been an accident with Barry bunny said Sarah spider.


“ A bench has fallen on Barry’s foot,” said Sarah.

Mr. Pearson said “oh no phone a ambulance please Mrs. Waynewright.

 The ambulance came screeching round the corner and loaded Barry onboard.

 The ambulance driver was really nice he said “ Barry would you like the siren on”?


Barry said “ yes please “

So they rode to hospital with the siren going.

It was very exciting and Barry forgot about the pain he was in

He had the nurse with him Mrs. pilot.


It took ages for xray it was light when they entered hospital

When they left it was pitch dark.

After xray Barry’s mum Mrs. Quentin appeared.


Barry was very lucky has he hadn’t broken the foot.

It was just badly bruised.

So the doctor said “plenty of elevation

And when Barry goes out where an old slipper of your mums”.


After about 6 weeks his foot was better.

And Sarah and Robbie were so pleased to see him back at school.