Insane Wayne

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Insane Wayne

Once upon a time there was a frog.

This frog was an ordinary frog he lived in a pond swam in the pond, and when he was hungry he would hop on a Lilly pad and stick his tongue out and grab the bugs that went by.

1 day he herd a lot of giggling and whispering “have you seen insane Wayne today?” He didn’t understand why people were being mean to him so he sat and cried.

It was then a princess came along.

“Why are you crying” she asked?

“Well I herd my peers laughing making fun of me they are calling me insane Wayne” he said.

She said “why do they call you this”?

“I’m not sure but sometimes I black out and shake badly and I can’t control my body”. She picked up Wayne and kissed Wayne.

Then a very magical thing happened Wayne felt better he felt good about himself. “Wow what did you do?” Wayne asked “I like you Wayne a lot” “she said so I kissed you made you feel good” with that the princess diapered Wayne never saw her again Wayne was sad he dint see her again but in a good way he dint get upset no more and black out I felt a little bad some times but not so bad he got sick and blacked out.

And do you know who that princess was?

She was an angel sent down to teach Wayne if you believe in your self you too can get better you too can meet an angel to make you feel better, you see angels don’t make the past disappear they help you cope with what’s happened show you life is worth living and direct you in the direction you should go.

Angels cant remove pain there like pain killers they make the pain dull. Innocent