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               caroline the bully cat

caroline cat was a cat like any normal cat.
she started of life as a kitten
and grew up and left her litter

only truble with caroline was she was the runt of the litter
she had to fight hard to get her milk to stay alive
after meany years of fighting she was acepted a an equal

only truble was as you will find out the scares were in place
she had bad pain from all picking on that went on in the basket
anyway we take up the story when she statrts high school.

first day of high school and caroline is determined she wont be picked on again
so off to lessions she strides very conferdently.
the teacher reads out the names all present brill the teacher says
next the teacher asks would caroline mind this young girl sitting next to her.

caroline agrees this girl was called mandy.
mandy was nervous and scared
mandy asked caroline would you mind helping me with this answer
NO meaowed caroline do it your self you reject.

sad thing is this is only the start.
over the coming months carolines bulling got worse
in the play ground shelly would trip mandy up.
shelly found out mandy fancyed this tom cat.

she sent a rumer round the school
randy mandy is so handy
please tom give rand mandy her candy!

well mandy was so upset
she ran to the teacher who took her to the head master
the next day caroline was sent to the heads office
"why did you say those things and do those things caroline?"
the head asked? caroline welled up!

"well you see" caroline said
"when i was a baby my brothers and sisters picked on me kicked me out of the basket"
caroline said. " I was so scared that id be bullied at school i started bulling mandy"
I dint mean to hurt mandy but i just want to fit in at school.
well with that mandy was so happy that mandy and caroline were frinds for life.

well you see bullys pick on people for lots of resons but most times like caroline
they are scared they wont fit in or scared somone is better then them.
if you know a bully or your being bullied dont show the bully there wining because they will just carry on
try to befriend the bully try to find out why they bully
but dont show them they upset you.
because the more you show them they upset you like mandy and caroline
the more they wsill do it.Innocent