Sam the unfunny funny act

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sam and the unfunny funny act

once apon a time there was a clown called silly sam
silly sam was your usal funny clown
evry night i would put on his face and it would make him a diffrent person.
if you saw sam in town he was a normal person.
one day sam lost his humer (awww)
he couldent make people laugh nomore.
so off he trotted to the ring master.
"help " he said "i cant make people laugh ".
the ring master said " what have you tried? " he asked.
well i come out trip up on boris the clown,
i then through a custerd pie boris ducks and it hits the audance by mistake.
"what lse can i do ?" sam asks
"well why dont you tell a joke or 2?"
" what kind of joke " sam asks?
try this
a bloke walks into a a bar and goes ouch !
it was an iron bar!

Why did the scientist disconnect his doorbell?
He wanted to win the Nobel(no-bell) Prize.

Why did the rubber chicken cross the road?
To stretch its legs!
and finaly
why did the hedghog cross the road?
to see his flat mate.
well the next day sam went on did his rutine he was a riot
evryone laughed and laughed
thill there sides split.
sam dint relise it but he lernt a good lesson that day.
sam lernt in order do slomthing a little diffcult all you need as conferdance
and some encurgement.
you see the jokes dint really make him better they made people laugh.
what made sam better was the ring master giving him the
conferdance to do.Innocent