Robbie racoon

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Robbie racoon

once apon a time there was a racoon
his name was robbie

he went to collage
there he met paula panda
paula was beutful
they hung round with each other at lunch times

it came time for robbie to leave collage
but he decided paula would remain his best friend.
well robbie went out into the jungle
he decided for a job he would help in community.

this he did he loved it
well he was growing up and he wanted to have some kits ( kits are baby racoons)
truble was his best friend dint fancy him
so what could he do?

he had such a rough up bringing
he wasnt sure if he sould hang on abit longer or try to find
a lady racoon.
thing is he knew at some point he would be facing the king of the jungle
larry lion ( but thats anther story anther time)

after alot of thinking he decided he would wait.
so he on helping people in the jungle
allways knowing he had 1 motto
ive been in life but i can go to bed happy each night
if ive helped somone or made someones life better each day.

robbie really loved life helping others
it was great therpy
as he was getting a buzz knowing he was making a diffrence in animals lives.
and animals were reciving help from robbie
a win win situation.

well thats where we leave robbie for know
but i would say this if your thinking of helping other voulantry DONT HESTATE
do it voulantry agancys always need help
were nearing the end of the year now
id say do somthing amazing to help someone and start next year on buzz
knowing youve made a diffrance to someones life