Buzz Bear

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Once upon a time there was a bear

He was like any ornery bear he had family and friends His name was
SHELLEY.None really used this name

They called him buzz (short for buzz bear).

This was because He had 1 weakness this weakness was honey,

The smell and taste of honey drove him nuts.

Well today started off like any ordinary day.

He woke up stretched his arms out.

Had a bath in the stream.

Eat his breakfast of nuts and some plants.

Then he went out too meet his friends.

He like to play with his friends.

But today was going to be different.

Today he was going to learn a lesson.

His friends turned up Gerry- giraffe , Tommy toucan, and Larry the lion.

They decided to head farther into the woods for some fun games.

They played hide and seek and football lots of games.

Well buzz kicked the ball really far.

It landed right next to a honey bees nest.

Buzz’s nose was twitching hmmm what should I do?

He went back with the ball and carried on playing.

1 goal ! 2 goals then it was time for hide and seek.

Buzz ran and hid but there was this rumbling sound.

Rumble, rumble, rumble.

What could it be?

Well I don’t know if you’ve played hide and seek but you heft to be totally silent you cant make a sound because you will be found.

So what should buzz do?

Run home? Run away ?

No buzz ran round the corner really fast,

To where the buzz , buzz sound was and the smell of honey was.

He slowly put his hand into the nest.

The bees got cross and stung him.

He was in pain for days after he hid away home.

Not wanting to see none because he felt so silly.

The day he did finally come outside his friends told him this.

First of all its ok to be different if you get caught hiding and your up next so be it you need to be you and your friends will love you for you if they don’t well there not friends anyway.

The other lesson he learnt is if there’s trouble around and you don’t want to be hurt DON’T get involved.

Like Buzz if you get involved you will get stung.

Disturb a bees or hornets nest and you will get stung.Innocent

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