Pippa Puppy

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Once there was a puppy dog called pippa.
she was the most butiful puppy.
but pippa was made fun of cos she couldent walk properly

pippa longed to be loved
she would bite her pew that dint work right
she blamed herself she thought if she had lernt to wealk right as a kid
it would be ok now.

well time moved on pippa grew up
she became a adult dog
biting wasnt enough nomore
so she thought about hanging her self on the vines

wouldent take much tie a few togther
then latch her neck on few mins and its all over.
1 day she told her friend im so sad i cant walk properly
none understands me i wish somone out there would know how i feel

well her friend was so upset she dint know how to help pipa.
so she went to see a special doctor and asked how can i help pipa?
the doctor said if you want to help pipa try to understand how she feels

try imagine yourself like pipa.
when she needs to talk listen.
when shes crying dry her eyes
when she feel like harming dont judge her love her

if she slips up pick her up help her back on the road to recovary.
be nice to her
rember she is a dog just like you
she hurts,
she crys inside just becuse shes laughing on the outside doesnt mean inside she is happy
she bleeds
she was born just like you were born

the doctor finnshed with
be greatful you havent been through what she has
and even if you dont know how she feels
try to understand her life and try to help her best you can

with that sammie left the doctors and headed for pipa
sammie decided best way to cheer her up was a party
so she got all pippas friends togther and orgnised a surprise party

pipa was so happy she cryied
pipa triyed hard not to harm no more cos her friends understood when she was low
how to make her feel better

the best bit n pipas life was she found out she wasnts alone
other dogs harmed but never told none
and she wasnt stupid she was hurting and others hurt
just like her and know those people were there to help her. Innocent