zoe the zebrah

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                                        zoe the zebrah

once apon a time there was a zebrah
she was called zoe.
she had a family of zebrahs.

she grew up with all the othe zebrahs.
played with other zebrahs.
played netball, hockey and lots of other female games.

zoe felt diffrent.
like she dint belong with zebrahs.
but she just ignored it and carried on playing have fun with her zebrah gang.

one day it was time for zoe to leave home.
she went off to collage to study mane dressing.
this is the same as hair dressing but for zebrahs.

one day zoe was sad she felt diffrent like she dint belong.
she fancyed female horses.
but she was scared to tell her zebrah friends.

so she secretly went out 1 day and met up with the horse.
she was called heather.
they had a lovly time they watched black beauty.
drank wine and enjoyed there selves.

when zoe got home her friends were wiating.
they were a little sad zoe hadent told them but.
insted of being sad they were proud zoe was brave enough to what she wanted.
zoe and heather got it toghter and live a happy in a larger filed.

what i want to to tell you is its ok to be diffrent like zoe.
but its not ok to hold back whats in your heart.
be brave like zoe tell your friends how you feel
after all they may feel the same and be scared them selves you may help them.
or they maby able to help you but if you lie to them you will be sad and feel uncomfterble.
so be yourself follow your heart and be happy like zoe and heather.Innocent